Friday, June 11, 2010

Free Email Alert via SMS in India

What will you do if you are eagerly waiting for an email and you need to respond to that mail as soon as it arrives your inbox? It will be a great help if you could get an alert via SMS when the particular mail arrives. Gmail and most of the other providers has the facility, but I think the networks in India charge for the same. I found a way which is completely free of cost. I will explain it step by step. Works with any mobile network that offers free incoming SMS. I have added the way to configure it with GMAIL. Same way it can configured for any email provider.

PROS SKIP THE STEPS FROM 1 to 4 and just take an account at

STEP 1: Take your mobile phone and keep it near you.

STEP 2: Goto and make a free account by clicking "Register Here" button in the home page. You need to enter your mobile number. Your Mobile Number will be your login ID.

STEP 3: As soon as you click "Verify and Register" you will receive an SMS from TM-WAY2SMS. The message will be "Your account login id:xxxxxxxxxx(your mobile number) password:xxxx. By the time there will be a page in the browser where you have to enter your mobile number and password sent to you via SMS and press "Go".

STEP 4: Then they will ask you to change the password by entering the new password. Enter your new password.

STEP 5: Now you are logged in. Click on the "Mail" tab. Then create a mail id with way2sms. Then press the "Mail Alerts" on the top right corner. Press activate and there you will have to enter some information regarding, at what all times you need to recieve the messages and all. I recommend you to make it all 7 days and round the clock. Then press "Save and Activate".

STEP 6: Now goto your gmail account and press "Settings" and press "Forwarding and POP/IMAP". Select "Forward a copy of incoming mail to" and enter your way2sms mail id by clicking "Add new email address". They will send you a confirmation email to your way2sms mail id and you have to confirm it by entering the varification code provided in the email. Often it takes time to get the confirmation mail as the way2sms mail id is new.

STEP 7: After varification press "Filters" tab. Now press "Create a new filter". Now in the space provided enter your requirements of the emails which you need to forward it to your mobile as SMS.  For example the senders mail id or any words that could be in the mail(eg: urgent).

STEP 8: Press next. Now select the 5th option "Forward it to" and select the way2sms mail id from the list.



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