Sunday, November 1, 2009


I got an error "only 32 sets allowed, settings discarded" when i tried to save GPRS and MMS settings for my nokia 6085 that is an S40 phone. I was looking all over the internet to find out a way to clear my GPRS, MMS settings. Codes *#7370# , *#7380* etc... DOES NOT make any change to GPRS and MMS settings. Then I found some way to clear the settings that is explained below.


STEP 1: Download the software "OXYFILE". It is a software that enables you to access the mobile memory. To download it click here.

STEP 2: Install the software and launch it.

STEP 3: Connect the phone to your computer using data cable or bluetooth.

STEP 4: Go to file browser that is located on the lower left side of screen.

STEP 5: Navigate to C:\predefomadm and expand(open) omadm.

STEP 6: Now you can see there will be 31 folders (named 01-31) and a folder named PRECFG inside omadm.

STEP 7: That 31 folders are settings that you have saved earlier and was not removed(Im not sure about 01 &02).

STEP 8: Delete all folders except PRECFG, 01 and 02 or you can just delete 2 or 3 folders as your need.

STEP 9: Now you have cleared all unwanted settings.

This worked with me very well.
You can refer this link to get an idea about symbian40 file structure.

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